You have a process, an idea or a technique that deserves to be immortalized.

We don’t want to know just the final outcome—we want to see how the movie was made, the art was created, the business started.

We want the origin story of how you became a leader.

Your legacy began the day you decided to start that business, invent that product, form that organization, or begin that trek in the Amazon. Almost everything you did from that point forward became one more foundation stone for where you are now.

No one fully knows how you came up with, established, or revised your idea—even if those people walked with you every day.


Because they weren’t in the shower with you when you had that AHA! moment; they weren’t with you in the dead of night when you couldn’t sleep for thinking about your project. They weren’t with you when you wondered how you could keep putting one foot in front of the other—believing in your project despite the odds—until one day you finally reached success.

It’s a story worth telling because others can learn from it—not just from the finished theory or method, but from knowing how you got there and using your experience as a role model. Your reader (and new fan?) might find the inspiration to keep going. Maybe your stumbling blocks and errors weren’t all that different than what your reader is going through today—maybe your story will help them avoid unnecessary errors.

A legacy book cements your place in history.

Let’s work together to put your important accomplishments into a legacy book that can influence and inform forever.


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