Expert books are the new business card

for today’s innovators and thought-leaders.


Your book is your best marketing tool.

Business cards, brochures, and mailing campaigns are so 20th-century. They’re easily forgotten, thrown away, destroyed.


Expert books make an impact.

Books state your position. They make others remember your name. They represent your company’s progress or innovations. They tell the story of what makes you unique and successful.

  • Sign them as a personal gift to a new, important client.
  • Sell them in the back of the room when you’re a featured speaker at an event. Or when you are the event.
  • Share them to inspire, educate, and inform your world.


Maybe writing isn’t your top priority.

Maybe you’re too busy to write—you’re running a business, after all—or truly don’t enjoy it. Maybe you’re a better communicator in person than on paper.

That doesn’t mean you can’t write a book that promotes all your innovation and years of nose to the grindstone. It only means you need someone to help you write it. You need a ghostwriter.

If, because you’re a CEO or thought-leader, you think an expert in your field is the only one who could write your book, I encourage you to think again. Your book will touch the most people when it’s written in plain language and a tone the average reader can relate to.


I use your words without stealing your thunder.

Every person has their unique way of speaking.  As a Certified Ghostwriter, I’m trained to write in a way that sounds like you said it.

But the definition of ghostwriting is that you get the credit while I do the work. Your name is the only one that appears on your book.

I get my fee and nothing more, even if your book goes to film. I will never use your material in any way, nor disclose my work on your book. Confidentiality guaranteed.


Call today – let’s make your expert book happen this year.

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