Publishing Options–An Easy Comparison Chart

by SP Turgon

All publishing options have benefits and constraints:

Traditional, Self-Publishing, Publishing Service, eBook, Hybrid

Upfront costs, Control, Speed, Advances, Royalties, Registrations,

Distribution, Marketing, Promotion, Author Payment


  • Which publishing options fulfill the greatest number of your personal criteria?
  • Do you want full control of your book’s release into the market?
  • Would you rather get more royalties but need to do more work?
  • Are you firm on your title, or are you willing to let it be changed by a traditional publisher?
  • Is having a marketing network already in place worth giving up some control?
  • Can your budget manage investment into an alternative publishing method?
  • Have you explored the many publishing variations of hybrid publishing?


Modern publishing offers many choices that can be confusing, complex, and costly.

Use this chart to  choose which publishing options are best for your book—and your budget.

free download Easy-Comparison-Publishing-Options-1.pdf

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