Ghostwriters, Books, and You

By SP Turgon

How many times have you thought, “I should tell that story—heck, I should write a book.”

Then you discover that time slips away without getting words on paper because writing is harder than it looks.

Or the words might be there but they don’t sound like you heard it in your head or felt it in your heart.

Or maybe you’ve been diligent and disciplined, impassioned and driven. You already have a manuscript but it needs that missing ‘something.’


Each of these scenarios (and all variations in between) is the juicy realm of the ghostwriter.

I am a Certified Ghostwriter who helps people write their books. But I don’t ask for glory, royalties, or acknowledgement—you get those.


How does it work?

You know the saying, “Start anywhere”? We can begin in any number of ways:

  1. We develop an outline from your notes that I use to create your memoir, legacy, or expert book
  2. We use your written work, smoothing it out or tightening it up so it says what you mean and is ready for presentation to agents, peers, or family.
  3. I write from our interviews. Many times (actually, all the time) it’s easier to talk than write. You tell the story and I turn it into your manuscript.


Writing your book is a thrilling, fulfilling, demanding, creative project.

Working with me makes it easier. And when you’re done, you’ll have a manuscript you can promote or self-publish. You will be an author.

Let’s get that book out of your head and onto paper 

Sabriga (“sah-BREE-ga”) Turgon


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