Do you want to spend weeks or months alone, trying to get your book written?


Do you want to simply do some interviews then receive your book chapters one at a time, make appropriate changes, and send it back to me to fix ?

Today is the day to begin.

Just by reading this, it means you’ve been thinking more seriously about fulfilling your personal dream of writing your book.

Whether your book is a memoir, legacy book, or the 21st-century version of a business card — an expert book — you are in the right place.

From concept development to outline to chapter construction to finished manuscript, I can turn your dream of writing a book into a reality.

You probably have questions I could answer right now.

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Get That Book Out of Your Head and Onto Paper

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By the end of our simple step-by-step process you will have a manuscript you can proudly present to literary agents or acquisition editors at traditional publishing houses.

Or you can use it to self-publish using any of the many options available.



My ghostwriting services are 100% confidential—yours is the only author name that appears on the book, all royalties belong to you, and your proprietary information is never shared with others.


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Writing your book this year means your voice will contribute to the important ideas, methods, or stories that will create next year’s world.