“Finding the right words for the right people at the right time is my passion. I draw on wide-ranging life experiences to understand what will touch readers and how to say it.”


sabriga   So, I have this strange but wonderful name:



I know it’s a little strange and you want to say “Sabrina,” “Sabringa,” or “Sabrita.” Maybe even “Sabrika.”  Not to worry, however you say it I’ll know what you mean.  A rose by any other name….

And then there’s my last name, also very easy to say and remember:


My father’s nickname among his male friends was “Turk.” And everyone of us in the family pronounces our last name a little differently. Weird, right? But guess what? However you say it, we’ll both know what you mean.


Before I became a Certified Ghostwriter, I was a whole bunch of things.

Except for those first waitressing jobs that taught me how to work fast and manage money, my work and passions have been focused on women, health, environment, and social justice:

Breaking boundaries for women in the workforce back in the day (dump truck driver — yep, first woman hired on the landscaping crew , first woman on a construction crew :-), pushing creative & sexual boundaries as a professional belly dancer, pushing therapeutic boundaries as massage therapist often accused of being a physical therapist in disguise, opening avenues as a labor and postpartum doula for women to challenge their ingrained limitations and approach birth differently, challenging the status quo in conservative cultures as an HIV educator and counselor for women with little support, uplifting parents stressed by poverty or cultural limitations as family support counselor. And then there was all that activism…

Much of that work allowed me access to the great and intimate moments in people’s lives, taught me compassion and respect, and impassioned me to make our world a place of health and peace.

Working as a rare book buyer and book store manager tapped into my curiosity about the written word and enabled my inner book addict.  Now I’ve parlayed that love of words into being a ghostwriter and editor because our world is linked by words that can make it better.

When I trained with renown ghostwriter, Claudia Suzanne, I knew I’d found the work that feeds the world (and me!) with important information. Claudia Suzanne teaches the only professional ghostwriting certification course in the world.

Ghostwriting combines my love of writing, working closely with people one-on-one, and telling stories. It’s a wonderful profession and I love my work.


Travel is the single best way to learn about life.

School is great, but travel teaches us how the stuff of books creates lives. From my travels I’ve learned Spanish, a language I find infinitely poetic and gorgeous. Back in the day, I also spoke German, but…here’s a little story:


I’d just returned from three years in Ecuador in the Peace Corps. My head was bursting with Spanish and I was still occasionally struggling to find the right English word or phrase to convey my meaning. I was still between two worlds. And now I wanted to go visit my sons in Switzerland…in the German section. So, I thought “Heck, I’ll just do a bunch of studying to resurrect my German skills. After all, I used to speak German pretty well.” Right…

When I got to Zurich a few weeks later, I tried out my German on the taxi driver who lied to me and said, “Yes, your German is quite good.” Great! Then I went into the coffee shop or the pastry shop or the Migros supermarket where I threw my “Germish” at them—I started in German, failed to find the right word, automatically slipped into Spanish then corrected myself in English. The helpful (but far more honest) cashiers—every single one of them!—said to me, “What language, exactly, would you like to speak?”  Ha, ha!

They, of course, knew 300 languages off the tip of their tongues so were happy to use whatever would help me say “chocolate” and let them move on to the patiently waiting customer behind me.


Humanity, knowledge, and understanding from diverse experiences is what I bring to our work together.

We now live in a world that appreciates how broad life experience translates into good communication and connection.

Finding the right words for the right people at the right time is my passion. I draw on wide-ranging life experiences to understand what will touch readers and how to say it.

And that’s just what I’ll bring to your book.

Except we’ll tell your story in words that come from and sound like you, not me. Because that’s what a Certified Ghostwriter is trained to do.

And in that process, I hope to make you laugh. Because, IMHO (new-speak for “in my humble opinion”), life should be taken seriously but you shouldn’t be serious about it all the time.

I am on staff with three ghostwriting companies: Wambtac Ghostwriters, Business Ghost, and Story Terrace.

Isn’t it time I wrote for you, with you? Let’s get that book out of your head and onto paper!


Let’s work together,