Certified Ghostwriters come from only one place:

Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program

Developed and taught by Claudia Suzanne, owner of Wambtac Ghostwriters


This is the first academically sponsored training in the world. GPDP teaches the entire ghostwriting skill set (theory, techniques, knowledge-base) in a 10-month, masters-level course of study. Certified Ghostwriters are highly proficient at :

  • Determining market positioning upfront, so your book has its best chance of selling

  • Highlighting and emphasizing the strengths in your intellectual property

  • Uncovering to remedy the hidden deal breakers that can make your manuscript into an “easy reject”

  • Maintaining your voice, style, intent, and perspective throughout all rewrites and edits

  • Line editing to maximize its punch, drive, and reading pleasure

  • Guide you through today’s publishing-options maze to the best route for your particular title


Certified Ghostwriter training

Working with a Certified Ghostwriter means handing the work to a trained professional who won’t ask for royalties, demand recognition, or encroach on your glory.